Listen to Your Gut

Just as (I hope) you don’t believe everything you read on the internet, please don’t believe everything you see on YouTube. While creating Artist Trading Cards for my SAQA Pod, I had an issue with the stitching on my Janome, so l whipped out the manual and rethreaded the bobbin. No luck. The stitching still wasn’t right. So, I decided to look on YouTube to see if I could find a video to help me. I did. However, the person on the video instructed viewers to put the bobbin in backwards. At first, I didn’t believe what was said, so I backed up and listened again. No. She said clockwise not counter-clockwise. I decided to return to my manual, rethreaded the bobbin as instructed but same problem. So, I followed the adage – “when all else fails, rethread your machine.” I found the thread had slipped out of the take-up lever, which is hidden behind a door on the front of the machine! The moral of this story is – don’t believe everything you see on YouTube. Most times grandma, mom, your home ec teacher, or sewing instructor are usually right. When all else fails, rethread your machine. Period.


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